My name is Samantha and I am one half of Ibbidy Bobbidy Boo

Ibbidy Bobbidy Boo is a handmade Indie business that my Mumma and I own. We sell handmade and vintage sourced homewares and gifts. It’s a fabulous site! We are also on Etsy, find us here

I love to read and do so voraciously. I never leave the house without a paperback and my kindle, just in case there’s an opportunity for reading! I review all the books that I read via Goodreads, click here to see my profile. Please do stop and say hi, I’m always welcome to new book recommendations. I enjoy the reading and reviewing process so much that I thought a blog documenting the books I read would be an enjoyable pastime, so welcome to Ibbidy Bobbidy Books!

I mainly read crime thrillers and psychological thrillers but also love a chicklit now and again, when I’m looking for something light hearted and ‘feel good’. My favourite authors from the crime genre include: Sophie Hannah, Agatha Christie and Daniel Cole. Regarding chick lits – anything that features a tea room, an allotment and a vast amount of bunting gets a read!

As one half of Ibbidy Bobbidy Boo, I also enjoy entrepreneurial¬†books and the ‘self help’ genre that focuses on the motivational and female empowerment.

I’m currently learning German and studying for my B1 exams so also enjoy reading easy-ish German stories and language learning books. If any of the above is something that you read or are interested in – please fire any recommendations my way!

I sometimes write reviews for NetGalley when sent books and have a turnaround time of approximately a week. Please contact me if you would like a review or information at hi@ibbidybobbidyboo.co.uk

Happy Reading Bookworms xox